Feel like your hashimoto’s hell is the “new normal"?

For years this is what I was told by doctors

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I had to fight for help with my chronic illness

I had my symptoms dismissed. They told me I was depressed. They told me it was all in my head. When they diagnosed me with hashimoto’s thyroiditis I was overjoyed.

I took the meds and I took the supplements. They didn’t work. I got sicker. I got angry. I got organised. I became a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach.

I helped myself get better.

I am going to help you get better too.

Three Ways I Help Hashimoto's Sufferers

1:1 Healing Programme

H5 Halo Method Logo

You will follow my step by step proven H5 Halo Method. It will guide you through the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to beat hashimoto’s. It is the same programme that I used to regain my health. It has worked brilliantly with my 1:1 clients. Enabling them to say goodbye to brain fog, fatigue, mood imbalances, pain, digestive issues, weight gain and much more!

Hashimoto's Weightloss Roadmap

Helen's Hashimoto Weight Loss Roadmap

With my weight loss road map you’ll get a 14 day guide to a healthier, Hashimotos friendly eating. You will receive access to my video course, accompanying presentation, 14 day menu planner and accompanying recipes for a fortnight of fabulous, fresh feasting!

Community, advice, support & empathy

Hashimotos Facebook Group Screen Shot

In my private Facebook group you’ll find a great group of like minded hashimoto’s warriors all ready to get their health back and support each other. Every week I host a live Q & A to answer your questions about hashimoto’s as well as offering periodical free mini training sessions, dietary and lifestyle tips, I share my experiences and the latest research.

What are you waiting for?  Join us now!

Client Feedback

I’ve been working with Helen for the last 2 months and I’ve been following her suggestions for the past 6 weeks. Not only do I feel better mentally but I’ve lost an amazing 17lbs!! 17lbs in 6 weeks!!! Woohoo! I’ve still got a way to go but I’m confident I’ll be in my bikini this summer (if we are ever allowed back to a beach!!) She is amazing and I’m very lucky to have found her!

Kate S

March 2021

My Journey to taming Hashimoto's

Helen on Cape Cod

I live in the French Alps with my husband and two dogs. Since moving here I’ve had a long battle with Hashimoto’s. Like many I have suffered with the “classic” symptoms. Fatigue, debilitating brain fog, constant pain and severe digestive symptoms among others.

Work was a nightmare. My social life none existent. All I could manage was to get from one day to the next. That was then.

Today, after many hours, days and months of research and study I am infinitely better. With careful dietary and lifestyle changes I got my life back! I have tons more energy and the brain fog, pain and digestive symptoms are all gone!

Most importantly I am actually happy again for the first time in years!! The whole process gave me a passion for helping others. There are so many who are struggling like I once did.

I am here to help you live symptom free.

My qualifications and experience

Sheffield Hallam Logo IINH Logo

BTEC Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching from IINH

HND Biomedical Sciences from Sheffield Hallam University

I’ve always had a keen interest in science and studied Biomedical Sciences at Sheffield Hallam University. I then went on to work for 2 large pharmaceutical companies. This honed my research and analytical skills which helped me immensely when I was researching how to help myself at the peak of my hashimoto’s illness.

After meeting my husband I had a drastic career switch as the stress of my job was already impacting my health. We moved to the Alps and I became a private chef in chalets and summer villas travelling across Europe in the process. My science background combined with the skills I learnt as a chef and the knowledge from my Nutrition and Health Coaching has given me a unique and well rounded perspective on how best to support my clients.


How do I know if your programme is right for me?

If you’re struggling with hashimoto’s. You feel like its taking over your life and you want it to stop. If you’re ready to make the necessary changes, to get your life back. Then this programme is exactly what you need!

I’ve been where you are and know how hard it is to do it alone. Thats where I come in! No more struggling alone! As a qualified Nutrition and Health Coach I will walk you through the changes you need to make, step by step.

I will help you turn your life around so you can get back living the life you deserve not the life “hashimoto’s has forced you to live”.

More about the programme

How is your programme different to all the others out there?

I’ve lived with Hashimoto’s for 8 years. I have other autoimmune illnesses that all have an impact on my Hashimoto’s. I studied Biomedical Sciences and Nutrition & Health Coaching. I’ve worked in the science industry. I’ve worked as a chef.

I understand the daily struggles with Hashimotos. When you say to me T3, T4, TSH or RT3, I understand what you’re talking about. I am living proof things can improve!

For my clients I do not offer a one-size fits all program. Each person who suffers with Hashimoto’s is different. You will learn the specific steps tailored to YOUR health. This will help kick Hashimoto’s into touch.

No matter where you are at on your journey with Hashimoto’s I can help.

Is the programme worth it? Will I see results?

“I can’t justify the cost of seeing a nutritional therapist or functional medicine specialist.”

That’s what I used to tell myself. Yet I must have spent more in wasted supplements over the years! Worse still I got sicker and sicker.

After finally seeing a nutritional therapist I changed my diet and lifestyle. I started seeing results. My energy improved and my brain fog disappeared. I no longer had digestive issues. I no longer lived under a black cloud of depression and anxiety.

Why didn’t I bite the bullet earlier? If I’d known it would give me my life back I’d have paid the money without batting an eye!

Every single client I have worked with has seen the same improvements. They’ve seen their symptoms disappear one by one! What I do works, its why I’m so passionate about it! There is nothing better than seeing a client finally start enjoying life again!!

Don’t struggle along like I did, wasting money on quick fixes that never deliver. Book your free “no obligation” call now to find out more.

What do I need to do before starting the programme?

You will be required to keep 14 day food, mood and symptom diary. Additionally you’ll need to complete an in depth health questionnaire.

Once these two items are complete we will have our first video call as soon as possible.

I have subclinical hypothyroidism. Will your methods work for me?

Absolutely, the earlier you can make changes to your diet and lifestyle the less likely you are to develop debilitating symptoms, or even need medication.

Are there payment plans on offer?

Yes, payment plans are available.

Get in touch for details

Client Feedback

This is my first time consulting a nutrition and Health Coach and it is definitely something I wish I had done sooner. Who knew some tweaks to diet and lifestyle could have such a positive effect!”

It was obvious how much work and research Helen put into planning and tailoring a plan and I cannot thank her enough for everything


May 2020

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